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 The Ropes

Thank you for your interest in partnering with the vision and purpose of Restoration Ranch of Arkansas.  We welcome you with open arms and pray that you will be as blessed as you will be a blessing to us and to others that visit our ranch. Please understand that as a Ministry Staff Volunteer here at Restoration Ranch of Arkansas, you will be a part of our ministry team, a leader and example to the participants of our ministry program.  You will be our representative and ambassador, not only here on our ranch but also in other public places. Therefore, it is of upmost importance to us that you be a person of impeccable integrity, with a deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ who desires to grow in Him, a bridled tongue, who exhibits the characteristics of the Holy Spirit and a thorough understanding of our mission.  While you are here you will be receiving instruction and mentorship for your relationship and walk with Christ and to equip you for Kingdom Dominion Assignments.


  There are many chores and jobs to do here at the Ranch. Everyone is expected to work both outdoors and indoor jobs. We are looking for a eagerness to pitch in, the humility to be discipled, and the openness to take direction from the leaders. A spirit of entitlement, laziness, foul language, disorderly or ungodly behavior will not be tolerated. All those who are interested in partnering with us by living and working here at our ranch will be required to fill out a Resident/Volunteer Application. The questions are personal and thorough and are intended to help us get to know who you are in Christ. We are looking for sincerity in your answers. They will help us discern if this is God’s plan for you. Not only for a volunteer position, but potentially becoming a full-time ministry team/staff member to the capacity and plan that God has intended. If you are interested in joining the team, please click the Apply button below. 

Thank you,

Larry and Jeanine Palazzi

Founders, Owners, Ministers

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