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Tearing down walls

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Got any old walls that need to be torn down? Years of rain, sun and weather erosion have damaged the integrity of the exterior walls of our home. And damage to the roof of the Bunkhouse has compromised the integrity of its inside walls. They both are in serious need of repair. Let's talk about walls for a minute. Walls are a good thing when it comes to houses. They protect us, insulate and keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Walls in a fortress keep the enemy out. Walls around an inner city playground protect the children and create a boundary. And interior walls create a sense of privacy and security. They even muffle sounds that we don't want to hear.

Some of our walls were rotten and were no longer doing their job of keeping us safe and dry. Rain, and even ants were getting in. So we tore the damaged walls out. Larry and our sons Ben, and Jonathan ripped out the exterior wall of our addition while I tore down the dinette wall in the bunkhouse. Due to the weather report, I also hurried to patch the edges of the Bunkhouse roof where the rain was leaking in and causing the damage.

Tearing Down the Bunkhouse wall

Bunkhouse roof being patched

Here is Larry putting up fresh insulation after a few stud repairs on our addition wall.

Then Larry and I joined forces to get the new siding up. I measured for the outlet, spotlight and window, and Larry cut the pieces.

Up goes the new siding just in time for thr rain.

Next we caulked all the cracks and seams. Not much got done on the bunkhouse wall due to the urgency to get our addition reclad before the rain came. But Larry did have time to cut some new studs for my bunkhouse wall project. When the rain lets up, we will finish our addition siding with the trim pieces, outlet and spotlight.

After replacing the rotten studs in the bunkhouse I will be cutting and nailing used 5 inch panel boards ship-lap style. I will add those pictures down below when I'm finished.

So, walls can be a good thing. But if they no longer serve their purpose, are rotten, broken, or not where they're supposed to be, then it's time to bust them down. God promises us that He is our fortress and our strength. Sometimes we encounter walls in our heart that are not put there by God. Walls that keep us from seeing our full potential in life, walls that divide our relationships with others and with God. Walls of fear, resentment, unforgiveness, bitterness, addictions, hatred, hardness to God's love, past hurts and wounds, walls of false religion and unbiblical doctrines. We might think that these walls are protecting us. But these rotten walls prevent us from restoring our relationships with one another, and our faith in God. These are the walls that we need to tear down. Time to do a wall inspection in your heart. Are there walls that need to be torn down? Read the scriptures that I have added below. And feel free to add your experiences in the comment section below.

Here's the Bunk House Wall complete with 100 year-old repurposed tongue-and-groove ceiling panels.

Here's the new finished siding on the addition.

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