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Picking Up The Pieces

Have you ever started a jigsaw puzzle, and just when you think your gaining momentum, the box of pieces slips off the table and scatters all over the floor?

Recently puzzles have grown in popularity. My husband, Larry decided to pick up several puzzles at the recycle center the other day. I set aside one particular puzzle to give to a former resident. But before sending it to her, I thought, "I've got to see if all the pieces are here".

One tip for puzzle enthusiasts is to start with the edges of the puzzle first, creating a border around your puzzle before you start finding and sorting the inside pieces.

So I started on my quest of digging through the box to find all the edge pieces of the puzzle. When suddenly my elbow hit the box of 1000 pieces which flew off the table and cascaded like a waterfall to the floor below.

I lowered myself to my knees and began the tedious process of picking up each piece, checking for edges, and placing each one back into the box. Sorting through the scattered pieces, gathering them up and looking for the border pieces (the ones that hold the puzzle together).

It made me think about how similar life can be. When circumstances scatter the pieces of our lives, we get on our knees in prayer, pick up the pieces and and establish a defining border.

Once I had half of the scattered pieces back in the box, somehow it flipped over and flung the pieces back out of the box in the opposite direction. Ironically, each time I had to pick the pieces back up, I found more border pieces with the previously sorted pieces. And you guessed it, it happened again, and I found more border pieces. With every fumble I became more and more familiar with each individual piece.

Now, you're probably thinking that I am such a clutz. But in this humble moment, God's life-message was becoming real clear. With every trial in life, comes more wisdom, deeper understanding, and a stronger border as long as I'm on my knees. Our border is our sheild of faith Eph 6:16, and love, power, and a sound mind 2 Tim 1:7.

The pieces also represented all the broken people that God is gathering to into His family. Like the lost sheep that Jesus searches for. Here at Restoration Ranch of Arkansas, we are called to heal the sick, comfort the brokenhearted, give directions the lost sheep, equip the saints for kingdom business, strengthen our borders, and gather God's people together in unity. Satan wants us broken and lost, John 10:10. God gives us the authority to overcome the power of the enemy Luke 10:19.

Larry and I are just two people responding to the plans of God. We sense in our spirits that this plan is a very big thing. And we will not be alone, because He is with us and He is assembling His army, calling His team into position.

If you are called in your spirit by God to join our team, check out the Apply page on our website today. If you can not come, but want to partner with us financially, click the Donate button on any page, or contact us directly. May you be encouraged with the hope that is in our Savior Jesus.

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Candy Eldridge
Candy Eldridge

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