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Field of Dreams and Visions

The purpose and objective of Restoration Ranch of Arkansas is to restore the believer. It is to help Christian adults overcome obstacles in their lives by teaching Biblical principles through practical, hands-on kinetic activities. One of our visions, which is now in planning mode, is building "The Creator's Workshop". A 45 x 90 foot two story Creative Arts and Training facility equip with a conference room, office, kitchen, T-Shirt printing room, Beekeeping room, a wood-workers shop, a painting room, a gardening room, a graphic design room and a gift shop to display and sell our beautiful finished works of art. The upstairs will have a study lounge overlooking the Gift shop and a large open floor plan for group meetings, movie nights and special events. The back wall will feature an indoor rock climbing wall. Our vision is very clear and this feels so real to us that we can walk through the field and see this facility standing there. It reminds me of the movie Field of Dreams where an Iowa farmer (played by young Kevin Costner) is walking through his field when a voice whispers to him, "if you build it he will come" (in our case the "he" is "they"). We are skilled in all of these trades and want to share our love for God and our ability to hear him in our daily tasks to others. We can see this building bustling with activity and noise. Air 1 worship music streaming over the speaker system while young craftsmen create small boxes and wooden furniture, our creative scripture original graphics being printed on shirts, fresh honey and beeswax products lined up on the shelves of the Beekeeping room, a group of young people engaged in a game of jumbo Jenga while two teens learn to climb on the wall in the "upper room".

So we designed and built a 1/4" scale foam board model of our Creator's Workshop. The next step was to talk with an Architect about our plans. The Architect was very nice and met with us on an online group chat. He praised us on our model and plans. We discussed design and codes and options. We created a Pinterest page of textures and building materials. The price for a simple portfolio presentation of our plans was quoted at $8000.00. It did not include production. Though we were grateful for his time, we are not sure that we will choose that Company. Our next step is to apply for a tax exempt status, and begin requesting funding for the purchase of building materials and the rental of heavy equipment. No vision is to large for God when it comes from Him. Philippians 4:13. From the ground up we need plumbing, concrete and foundation materials, steel beams and construction materials. plumbing and electrical contractors and more. So, here we are - a Mom and Pop in our later years, living in a humble home in Arkansas with a big vision. We don't know what lies ahead for the people of this nation in the coming years, but we are certain that God is calling us for such a time as this. We have 101 acres of beautiful Mountain-top property and we are dedicating it to furthering the Kingdom of God. First and foremost is the funding for materials. If you can help "fill our field" with this beautiful facility, please contact us. If you are skilled in any aspect of building and God is calling you to come and help us build it, go to the apply page on our website. Room and board are free to workers.

Jesus said in Mathew 17:20, "Even if you have the faith of a grain of Mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."

Below are some photos of the unfinished foam board model.

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