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April Clean-Up Events

Well guys, it's hard to believe that April is almost over and May is on its way. April has been a very productive month here at Restoration Ranch of Arkansas. The month started off with a visit from David and Patricia Lage of Holy Spirit Led Ministries, and our sons Ben and Jonathan and their wives and children, as we celebrated Larry's 56th birthday.

Every Saturday in the month of April was dedicated to the organization, and beautification of the land surrounding our main residence, barn and garden areas.

Our primary goal was to sort and store the usable building materials, and take unusable material to our local recycle center's annual free large waste drop-off. However, due to the current mandates, the recycle center canceled April and May's drop-off events. Though inconvenient for us, it did not slow down the clean up efforts. Each Saturday we have had a few brave volunteers roll up their sleeves and help is transform the grounds while enjoying the fresh mountain air, vitamin D, roaring bon fires, Dave's famous burgers, and Christian fellowship.

With their help we cleared the road near the barn, the well area, the front of the garden and are almost finished clearing there area where our Creative Arts and Recreation Center will be built. During the week days I was able to build a foam board 1/4" scale model of the "Creators Workshop". I also designed two more T- Shirt graphics. April also was the month of our annual Egg Hunt, the visit of our daughter Rachel and her family, and the arrival of our new resident Stephen who has been very helpful every day. All in all, it's been a very productive and progressive month. Much thanks to all the volunteers who pitched in. We will continue to open our ranch up to volunteers for the entire month of May. Please contact us at the Ranch for details.

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Jeanine Palazzi
Jeanine Palazzi
Apr 28, 2020

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