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Generosity Clubs

Join a Club!
If you are donating, be sure and select the "include contact information" button in PayPal to have your name added to the club of your choice.  All levels receive a free Restoration Ranch of Arkansas wristband. Check out our wish list.
Thank you. May God Bless you!

Man Digging

Ground Breaker's Club

  • volunteer 4-8 hours (includes lunch and a souvenir silicone wristband) or


  • Donate $20.00 (includes a souvenir wristband)

Foundation Layers Club

  • Volunteer 16-32 Hours at the Ranch (Includes room and board and a cook-out) or-

  • Donate $100.00


Rock Climber's Club

  • Volunteer 80 hours at the Ranch (board and room, plus an afternoon of climbing, and 2 excursions included), or

  • Donate $1000.00


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Cabins in Wood

Cabin Builder Club

  • Volunteer 40 hours at the ranch (board and room, one excursion included) or

  • Donate $500.00

Cliff Hiking

Mountain Movers Club

  • Volunteer 2 months at the Ranch (board and room included plus weekend cookouts, and excursions), or

  • Donate $5000.00

Premier Members Club

  • Volunteer 6 months at the Ranch (board and room, plus staff perk status) or

  • Donate $10,000.00 (a Cabin will be dedicated in memory of the person of your choice)

Sunset Hang Gliding _edited.jpg

Sky High Club

  • Volunteer 1 year or more at the Ranch (board and room, plus access to all Ranch excursions) or-

  • Donate $100,000.00 (includes nomination for a position on our board, lifetime access to all ministry, free cabin rental for one week) 

Kingdom Keys Club

Donations of $ 1,000,000.00 or more (lifetime partnership with Restoration Ranch, VIP Pass and Family Cabin rental upon scheduled request)

Hilltop Castle
Wish List

Wish List

Want to target your giving? 
The list below are specific current needs. You may choose to purchase one or more of these items, or specify how you would like your dollars spent. Gently used and second hand items welcome. 

  • Tractor (4 wheel drive) with bucket, post hole digger, and mower attachments

  • Norwood or Wood-mizer (30-50 Hp) Saw mill with trailer assembly and extra tracks for a 16 foot length total. 

  • Band Saw 12-15"

  • Golf Carts or mules (2-6)

  • Large Planer with spiral blades

  • Jointer 8+"

  • LumberJack Large Tenon Cutter

  • Large Self-feeding Mortise bits

  • Heavy Duty Cordless Drivers

  • Plumbers Table Vice

  • Set of log-pealing draw knives 

  • Cordless sanders

  • Heavy duty Construction hammers

  • 2 large Septic Tanks 

  • Well Pumps

  • Romex electric wire

  • Fuse Boxes

  • Solar Panels

  • Charge Controllers

  • Marine Batteries

  • Horse flea treatment and wormer

  • Dehumidifiers

  • Sliding Glass Doors

  • Windows

  • Window AC units

  • Toilets

  • Small Stoves

  • Kitchen Sinks

  • Bathroom Sinks

  • Kitchen Cabinets

  • Wooden Bunk Beds

  • Queen, and Twin Mattresses

  • Futons

  • Cabin furnishings and decor

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